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Welcome to Mitten & Winters, CPAs, LLP

Mitten & Winters, LLP is one of the most experienced and respected accounting firms in Delaware, offering a full range of comprehensive accounting, tax and consulting services to individuals and businesses.


Mitten & Winters prides itself on its strong relationships with clients, banks, attorneys, and professional organizations.


Over 30 years of experience enables us to offer our clients the technical skills they desire.


Mitten & Winters prides itself on being accessible to all of our business and personal clients.


Mitten & Winters has volunteered, sponsored, and continues to support many local charitable organizations.


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Form 1040: (individual clients)
4/15/19 – extended 10/15/19

Forms 1120S (S corporation):
3/15/19 – extended 9/15/19
Forms 1120C (C corporation)
4/15/18 – extended 10/15/19
Form 1065: (Partnership & LLC clients)
3/15/19 – extended 9/17/19
Form 1041: (Trust & estate clients)
4/15/19 – extended 10/1/19
Form 990 : (Non-Profit clients)
4 1/2 months after year-end.  New extension will be a single, automatic 6 month extension, eliminating the need to process the additional 3-month extension.

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